The Maths-fi Search Service

Do you constantly receive CV’s which do not correspond to the profile you requested?

Solution : The Maths-fi Search Service is at your disposal - Adapted to all of your needs regarding your job offers, in France and abroad, including:

  • Internships (student, long-term, VIE etc.)

  • Jobs (part-time, full-time, etc.)

  • The service is based within the Financial Domain, including the following sectors: Financial Engineering, IT, Quantitative Finance, and Mathematics.

    If you decide to subscribe to this service, the Maths-Fi Consultancy Team will take the following course of action:

    1 Summarise your Job offer, & include a list of the desirable criteria/qualifications.

    2 Adjust the job offer, and place it on our Maths-Fi website.

    3 Selection and Reception of the first set of CV’s.

    4 Sorting and pre-selection of potential candidate’s CVs from our Database).

    5 Reception of CV’s and briefing between both parties.

    - 1 -
    1) The team will help you submit your job offer, taking into account your sector of activity, your needs, and your knowledge of the market.

    Our aim is to identify all of the necessary criteria required to make a relevant selection for your offer.
    - 2 -
    2) After we’ve received your job offer and rearranged it, we will place it on

    We will overview its’ positionning in order to maintain the quality, and optimise the number of relevant candidates.
    - 3 -
    3) We will directly receive all of the CV’s sent to us by the candidates at a address. You may also be kept in copy of the e-mails if you wish.

    The CVs which do not correspond to the relevant criteria will be discarded
    - 4 -
    4) A detailed analysis of the CV’s received will be undertaken, along with a thorough search in our CV Database of all the CV’s which correspond to your job offer.
    - 5 -
    5) All of the CV’s will be sent to you, and once you have confirmed reception, a briefing will be conducted to identify any relevant feeback and the following course of action to be taken.
    Additional Services
      Express Search Service - This entails the same concept as the Maths-Fi search service, however all of the aforementioned steps will take place between 2 and 4 days.
      Your Job offer can be sent to our Master’s Partners. - the professors responsible for the master’s courses in the schools we are affiliated with may directly receive your offers, and transmit them to their students, thereby increasing your chances of finding a desirable candidate.
      Verification of degree(s) obtained from the candidates.
      Verification of qualifications/skillset of candidates ( Finance, IT, languages spoken etc.)
      Interview via telephone ( Availability for an interview etc.).
      Detailed discussions following the reception of CV’s.
    Modalités de l'offre :
      Pricing Strategies: free estimate on request. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

    •  Téléphone : (0033)(0)1 42 77 19 72

    •  email :