[ECB Forum - Special PhD in Economics - Finance] – Young Economists wanted! - 15 March 2020

ECB - PhD✔️ Are you a PhD student in economics or finance?
✔️ Do you want to present your research to policymakers and academics from around the world?
• Apply to ECB's young economists’ competition and join the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal
• The final winner receives a €10,000 prize.

The theme of the 2020 Forum is “Central banks in a shifting world”.

PhD students are invited to submit papers addressing the following topics:

  1. the quantitative formulation of price stability and the approaches and instruments by which price stability is achieved
  2. the effectiveness and the potential side effects of the monetary policy toolkit developed over the past decade
  3. how monetary policy should take into account financial stability, employment and environmental sustainability
  4. the macroeconomic and financial implications of structural changes and how they affect inflation and the conduct of monetary policy
  5. monetary policy communication practices
Who can participate?
✔️ Students of all nationalities who are currently enrolled on a PhD programme in economics or finance are invited to participate.
✔️Applications from female candidates are particularly welcome.

Watch an interview with Leslie Sheng Shen, winner of 2019 competition